Muay Thai Instructors

Muay Thai Instructors

Alex Garcia


Coach Alex is a San Diego native, an active duty United States Marine, and serves as an instructor with Combat Club’s adult Muay Thai program. Coach Alex began training Muay Thai at the age of 15 and it has changed his life in immeasurably positive ways. He is devoted to passing on his appreciation and extensive knowledge of traditional Muay Thai so others may also experience the positive impact it can have on one’s life. Coach Alex includes in his curriculum a focus on both technical and ceremonial elements, including the Wai Kru Ram Muay. His passionate enthusiasm for teaching “The Art of Eight Limbs” has been an inspiration to Combat Club’s Muay Thai program.


Dara Williams


Coach Dara is a Jacksonville native and serves as the head instructor of Combat Club’s kids Muay Thai program, as well as an instructor in the adult Muay Thai classes. She has been training martial arts since age 11, with a concentration in Muay Thai, Muay Boran, and Taekwondo. Coach Dara has honorably represented Combat Club in multiple Muay Thai and kickboxing competitions and is the reigning IKF East Coast Classic Bantamweight Champion. Under her leadership, the kids Muay Thai program has been a great success, instilling in the children a sense of humble confidence, along with the traditional Muay Thai values of kindness, respect, and self-discipline.