How to Start

1. Pick a class

On our 2-Day Trial you can take any class except MMA and Sparring Class. Check out our schedule to find what time and class work best for you. We don’t have a specific intro class. Our instructors will pair you up with someone more experienced for you to work with so not only do you have a coach, and an assistant coach, but you have a more experienced training partner to ensure you learn right along with the class. Worried about being a little behind on the fitness or starting BJJ, Boxing or Muay Thai later on in life? We have all ages (Chuck is 62, and we have 3 yr old’s.), Disabled Veterans, Active Duty Military, Moms, Dads, Teens, College Students, All Body Types, and Kids all taking classes for their own goals. We are gonna take great care of you! 😃

2. Fill out a Waiver

  1. Fill out the Waiver (in person) or complete our👉 online waiver 👈 (Its gonna open in a new tab so you can come back to us here).

3. WHat to Bring and What to Wear

  1. Mouth guard (Recommend fitting per manufactures instructions. Required for All Classes) 🦷🦷
  2. Comfortable Work Out Clothes 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️
  3. Flip flops (No shoes on the mat, no bare feet on the floor) 👣
  4. Plenty of water 💧💧💧🌊
  5. Hands Wraps (Required for Boxing and Muay Thai, available for purchase here)
  6. Towel (Optional but recommended)

4. LOANER Gear

We have loaner gear available for 2-Day Trials only. After your 2-Day Trial it is recommended you purchase your own gear. Having your own gear will ensure you always have the right gear to train with and helps us maintain our high standard of hygiene and safety🤗🤗. We do have gear for sale, but unlike many gyms we do not require you to buy our gear. While on the trial be mindful of how the gear fits. Think about how you want your gear to fit and support your training frequency. (After the trial gear rental is $20)

5. Show UP, Train, have Fun🤩

After class your going to be like what just happened! (Kids Too) You’re going to think how do I get better or you might even think you’re not cut out for this. THIS IS WHERE WE ALL STARTED. Then you are going to start training, get ingreat shape, eating better and have even more awesome friends at the gym. Like most of us you will end up following tons of BJJ, Muay Thai and Boxing pages on social media, and watch tons of videos on you tube (that wont really help but its fun) when you’re tired and sore. This is life now lol. Welcome to the Combat Club. 🤙