Brazil-021 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation Charlotte Open Championships

Combat Clubs Brazil-021 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors left Jacksonville, North Carolina on Friday Night. The Brazil-021 consisted of so many participants to include staff, it required the Combat Club to cancel classes Friday night. With 11 out of 15 of our competitors Medaled this was an excellent performance for Brazil-021 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Jacksonville.

Brazil-021 Seminar October 28th 2017, with Co-Founder of Brazil-021 Jiu Jitsu Andre “Negao” Terencio, 4th Degree Black Belt

We have the Co-Founder of Brazil-021 Jiu Jitsu coming to the Combat Club on Oct 28th 2017. This is such a great opportunity to train with one of our Founders and a 4th Degree Black Belt. Professor Andre will teach a Kids Seminar from 10AM-11AM and the Adult Seminar from 12PM-2PM. You can sign up at the Front Desk.


Combat Club Schedule Change Getting Ready for a Weekend Of Competition

Combat Club will be hosting Open Mat Friday Oct 6th for Evening Classes and will also be Closed on Saturday Oct 7th. Many of our Members and Staff will be Competing over the weekend at out of town venues.  Brazil-021 Jiu Jitsu will be competing in the 2017 IBJJF Championship International Open, in Charlotte North Carolina. We also have Strikers Union Muay Thai Kickboxing with 11 Fighters competing this weekend. If you are interested in Training and Competing with us, Get Started


Combat Club, Wins the Weekend.

Combat Club Jacksonville had many Members out Competing this weekend. We had Allen Bose, Pro MMA Debut at Next Level Fight Club 8 in Raleigh NC, Winning Via TKO due to strikes in 50 seconds. Allen Bose Fight starts at the 2:15:00 mark.

Allen Bose Wins Pro Debut at NLFC 8

Combat Club Muay Thai at the IKF Muay Thai/Kickboxing Point Sparring Tournament

Coach Brad gets the Win.



Coach Dara gets the Win during his Sparring Bout.


Lillie from Combat Club Kids Muay Thai bout.


UFC’s Heavyweight Allen “Pretty Boy” Crowder visits the Combat Club

Thank You, Allen “Pretty Boy” Crowder, UFC Heavyweight, for stopping by. He used the Combat Club to train while travelling through.  Allen “Pretty Boy” Crowder, worked in during the Brazil-021 Jiu Jitsu lab as well as some striking during our morning classes. We exchanged techniques, and training concepts. It is what makes the Combat Club such a special place. We have many Marines and other Service Members as well as Professional and Amateur competitors whom travel through we get to exchange training with so many great people. We had a great time training with Allen “Pretty Boy” Crowder and look forward to having him train with us again.

UFC's Allen "Pretty Boy" Crowder trains at the Combat Club.
UFC’s Allen “Pretty Boy” Crowder trains at the Combat Club.


Professor Chico Santiago Competes at IBJJF 2017 World Master Jiu Jitsu Championship.

The IBJJF 2017 World Master Jiu-Jitsu Championship features the best athletes in the world over 30 years of age. Professor Chico competed in the Masters 4, Male, Black Belt, Super Heavy Division.  Professor Chico competed against Paul Ciatto from Soul Fighters BJJ and  Reginaldo Gurgel Almeida from Gracie Barra JJ.  After the Event Professor Chico said “I felt much faster, stronger , and prepared. He Thanked his team, Coach Chuck Harrison, Coach Shane Woosley, Professor Jimmy Gibson, Coach  Melody Woosley,  Brother Brad Williams and the rest of his students.” He thanked his his Wife and Daughter for their unwavering support. “Brazil-021 4 Ever!”



Brazil-021 Women’s Jiu Jitsu Class

Designed for women, this class teaches basic BJJ techniques and practical self-defense skills. Learn Fundamental Take downs, Position Controls, Position Escapes, and Submissions and leave feeling stronger and more empowered than ever. You will learn to use your strength, size and techniques in a way that works for you. Women’s Brazil-021 Jiu Jitsu Class is taught by Coach Melody Woosley.


Once you set foot inside the Combat Club and start the Brazil-021 Women’s Jiu Jitsu Class and get a feel for the environment, speak to other inspiring students and meet Coach Mel herself you will know you have taken a step in the right direction. All that is required is your interest in making these life changes as well as your desire to benefit from:

  • The most challenging fitness routines which will get you in the best shape of your life.
  • The hardcore workout that will help you lose weight while getting stronger than you ever thought possible.
  • The most effective self-defense maneuvers around that are used by professional Mixed Martial Artists, Law Enforcement and Military Members and other Jiu Jitsu Practitioners around the world.
  • The ultimate confidence and levels of self-esteem you only imagined possible.
  • All while having fun and making friends that are sure to last a life time.

Brazil-021 Women’s Jiu Jitsu Schedule

  • Monday: 10AM-11AM
  • Tuesday: 5PM-6PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM-11AM
  • Thursday: 5PM-6PM
  • Friday(No-Gi):5PM-6PM